Tuesday, November 5, 2013


To clarify
I went into the foreign galactic teachings some four years ago. I needed to go through this path to learn their technology and to learn how to discern the information on the Internet, in books, videos etc. Most of what have been up in the air regarding the DNA regenesis, are bonded to the foreign galactic races and their bio-regenesis program; their attempt to create a merged biology that could sustain and survive in the cosmic higher mental consciousness Earth, now galactic Terra, is heading to.

As you all know by now the lifting of Earth back into the galactic communities - undergoing soul regenesis – is happening faster than ever and we are back on track and heading into the Light Worlds. The shipping out of the foreign galactic races, that does not want to undergo a full soul regenesis, happens as you also know in 2017 (3D racial DNA), 2022 (4D racial DNA), 2033 (5D racial DNA) and whatever remains in 2047. And then “Earth” is back as a part of galactic Terra and we should all be so far in our inner cleansing and transformation of the heart system, to be able to see and connect hereto.

On galactic Terra the evolution back into the Light Worlds will continue and the main problem of the transhuman agenda, which looked quite strong early in 2013, when I started this blog, is looking to be less than anticipated. The email below leads to this, and this is the reason why I post it. 

Within a few years time, the main portion of the previous followers will leave the transhuman agenda and the remaining ones will go to their crystal universes later on, as agreed. Many other benevolent followers have been stranded and left a bit on their own because they could not work with the energies of the darkened network of you know who, and the substitute of this person, another of the foreign councils, have turned more and more dark as well, as this person also is hit by the inner soul levels, as we all are.

My happy announcement, and it really makes me happy, is that the most prominent branch of the foreign teachings have got a new speaker, as they promised back in the early 2013.

Even though the former teachers of this teaching did go astray, the foreign councils and their effort to help their incarnated souls here on Earth are still very much caring for all of you, and thus they have agreed on joining the soul regenesis program; their version of the soul-regenesis teachings. This will surface as the new speaker grows with her tasks and learn what to say that will help you achieve this. The path for you is still very technical, most of you stem from highly technical universes, but it will not lead to the transhuman path. This will buy you time and secure your present stay as Earth turns into galactic Terra. Perhaps some of you will even prefer to stay on galactic Terra, since many of you have been on Earth for so long.

I will not mention the name of the new speaker, but those of you, who belong to this branch, will find her on your own and you will in your heart want to evolve the deep compassion that it takes to transform the darkened bits of the soul. The teachings of the new speaker will evolve during the next two years, unless something goes wrong. So I do this to help you, but I want to protect her – we will all find our way to the paths we belong to and each of the new teachers will grow according to the inner guidance and the connection to the ones belonging to them.

The e-mail
Just had to send you this email. I listened to the new speaker’s voice, not so much the info, but the energy signature in her voice.

In a blog, I have now deleted, but started up after the event, where the former speaker went to the "dark side" so to speak, I got the information that a new speaker would arise for the original material, and that we just had to wait. Back then I was warned to pull out - before the proclamation of the fall within the group - and delete all energetic encoding I had integrated from there to prevent me from following the fallen network they had created.

It is always difficult to hold the light, as a teacher, when a group of followers start to cling on to your energy field. When this happens the personal shadows often grow out of proportions of both the teacher and the followers - fed by the darkness in the followers and their projected energies from the astral and mental fields of the ego - which is what happened to this teacher in question - thus the change of speakers to prevent this from happening; the circulation of consciousness secures the clarity of the energy - and as you can see with another of the speakers on the Internet; she is also struggling with her inner shadows as the group around her becomes more and more dependent on her. The negativity you see in her material are from her own projections, and the projections of her group. This is quite common to happen for teachers on Earth.

It is here the weakness of the bio-regenesis shows itself; you might cleanse the body and the lower mind as well as the astral/emotional field with symbols and light coding, but here on Earth we have to cleanse and transform the dark energy, not expel it. It is ours and ours to cleanse through heartfelt emotional cleansing and compassion and if you just suppress it, it will eventually return as dark entities around you and within the group, creating a lot of dark elementals and fear.

And if your template holds a lot of dark incarnational energies on the soul levels - which led us here in the first place - then this will show as the group grows around such souls. Eventually the lack of inner and deeper cleansing will release the dark material of the soul, and thus the result is what have happened to many gurus and teachers here on Earth; the fall into the urge for powers, sexual energy, personal gratification and negligence of the inner darkness.

Any way
The new speaker is here. I will not give up her name, since I know that the ones following her path will find her and to avoid confusion for those who have followed my path the last year or so. We are all very vulnerable and confused, trying to figure out where we belong.

I am on another path, and will not advocate for her, but I will follow her progress and see where they are taking their galactic races, and the branch that will remain without the bio-regenesis and their progress into their version of soul regenesis.

My endnote to this blog
We are all in the same boat; no one is better or cleaner, or more saved, or more evolved etc. We have had foreign supremacy, but this is ending. We are all struggling with our past, the many false programs that have led us to partake in negative paths and actions, and the energetic remnants (karma) from this is in our template and souls. 

Some work harder, and thus cleanse faster, where others are bound to take more rounds to achieve the same level and enjoy the rising of the energies of Earth. 

Helpers have incarnated; I see them in my practice, but they work in hiding, amongst the common people, humbly and quietly, and they too are struggling to cleanse their personal triad of lower energies to become what they truly are on the soul level.

Therefore: Stop following teachings that proclaim you are special, something marvelous and unique and therefore better than others. Do not follow teachings that proclaim love, but endorse fear. Do not take the easy path, if it is too good to be true, it often is. Take care and work hard to become the most compassionate being, doing no harm in thought, emotion and action and be that compassionate being in all of the hours of the day and the night. Observe and change when you are not. Become your own teacher and judge of energy, discernment and development. 

The only one that is really able to see into your heart and what needs to be done is you. 

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself and work on your karma, your dark energies and your past. Then it will be so much easier to accept the same darkness in others and true kindness towards others and yourself can arise within your heart.

You will get there, unless you definitely resists to undergo the soul regenesis and the hard work it takes to transform the lower three bodies of the ego as well as the three bodies of the soul. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Feminine Devic or Angelic level of the True Worlds

I found this statement on youtube:

“If you are part of any of these organizations then you are part of a UFO CULT. They all sell books dvds seminars etc selling you information that will supposedly protect you from the bad guy ET's and also give you enlightenment as well as make you ascend to the 5th Dimension. They love bomb you and tell you love and light and make you believe that if you just reach the right level you'll be able to transcend reality etc. These are cults that are social experiments in mind control and are new age groups that promise you special powers as well. I'm willing to bet all of these people are victims of Ritual Abuse and trauma based mind control and have Star Wars/Star Trek Programming. They come bearing "the truth" and exclusive knowledge that only they can provide. Too bad they all conflict with each other as well. Oh and they are the only ones in contact with the aliens so they are the only ones who can talk to them too.

Ashayana Deane - Emerald order Melchizedek Cloister / Guardian Alliance
Jelaila Starr - Nibiruan Council
George Kavassilas - The Sirian High Council/Galactic Federation of Light (Star Trek)
Laura Knight Jzyadzik - The Casseopiens?
David Wilcock - The RA material
Lisa Renee - Guardian Alliance (the GA that Ashayana says are the bad guys. Go figure.)”

It is an interesting angle and worth taking into account, because what are we relying on in our search for the truth? Are we looking in the right places? And does the truth exist?

Before I continue, I have to say that I consider the above teachings to belong to the 3rd galactic races of the Galactic Worlds, being positioned in the artificial 5th dimension of the holographic Earth or other similar galactic communities. So the claim is in a way correct.

To recapture
With holographic I mean an artificial structure created out of the 1st and 2nd dimensional layers of galactic Terra, and thus all we perceive as real, is in reality an illusion upheld by our present low vibrating human minds (electromagnetic circuits) and the collective consciousness field we create on a daily basis – the energy system of the so-called planet Earth. We are the ones sustaining the hologram and our prison.

If we remember who we are, then we can dissolve the hologram at once, simply by leaving this present state of consciousness, but since the human morphogenetic field is a piece of galactic intruder science this is not as easy as it sounds, since our orbs of created manasic consciousness (our souls are not human like copies, but orbs of geometrical patterns vibrating with sound and light into which the highest levels of living consciousness is interwoven) are woven into all levels of the hologram as well as being a part of the mental and emotional fields of energy.

The mental and emotional fields, the basics of the ego, are not bodies but fields of reversed manasic consciousness fused with different types of implants creating mental illusions (thought forms and beliefsystems) and emotional forces such as electro-chemical transmitters creating the electromagnetic endocrine glands, the PNS part of the nervous system, the heart and blood all circulating with induced coding from the racial DNA in our morphogenetic fields; the template behind the body.

The higher electromagnetic meridian network (actually the atomic level before the quantum level) and the chakra system is connecting us to the deepest layers of the hologram, making it almost impossible to discern what level that is higher and what is artificial. We therefore have to transform ourselves on all levels of our being, undo it all and remember who and what we are in order to transform, let go of the ego, and integrate our true consciousness.

Galactic Worlds consists of reversed and primarily digressed worlds holding various forms of benevolent and malevolent races, where the original created consciousness (orbs of manasic consciousness, as in the true soul) has been reversed and infected into small dark spiral energy bits, spiraling downwards into space dust unless they are infused with creational consciousness or other types of living light. Those bits are racial DNA.

The 3rd galactic races are thus all kinds of galactic beings, and some are benevolent whereas others are malevolent; it all depends on the sum of reversed bits in their consciousness fields and the coding they hold. The galactic races are the same as the stellar races, because many of the 3rd galactic races stem from stellar constellations and thus the new humanities are galactic consciousness directly integrated into the human morphogenetic field, upholding their galactic memories and knowledge, circumventing the holographic ego by deleting the settings of the collective human structure.

Thus the infusion into humanity of Earth is galactic consciousness from the Galactic Worlds or from future versions of galactic Terra, as she has evolved into a whole new version. The old galactic Terra is dying, the 4th and 5th dimensions are no more – due to the parallel shift of the 4th and 5th dimensional band of the original Terra (the Terra of the Created Worlds) that was coursed by the infection - and we have to integrate and evolve into the 6th dimension of galactic Terra if we want to continue this old line of evolution. Others rejoin the 5th dimensions of similar galactic communities (many are descendants of galactic Terra having left this manifestation field as it was taken over by the intruder races) and the whole idea of the many teachings in our present timeline is to gain as much of the vibrant non-reversed manasic consciousness left in humanity of holographic Earth.

And now to this post
I am in my very human mood today, so I am able to ask some important questions before I dive further into another timeline and another angle to it all, losing my critical approach to things as I am swallowed up into the higher realms of conditional truth.

Why do I call it conditional? Well, all readings of the network of timelines from the Galactic and Created Worlds, and thus in reality the Akashic Records, are conditioned by my level of consciousness, what type of timelines I am connected to (the consciousness of the heart system) and the angle I have developed on things, as in what type of evolution that is the primary for me as well as what type of consciousness I have evolved (the consciousness triangles in the head from the Created Worlds), regarding the races I originally stem from in the Created Worlds, as in the stellar, lunar or solar levels. I am also conditioned regarding the galactic imprints in my body and mind, all due to the racial DNA, which is integrated into my mental, emotional and morphogenetic field. All in all each one of us, reading the Akashic Records (the fancy CDT plates of the Keylontic Science groups are the galactic version of the original network of consciousness streams), are reading from the conditioned level of consciousness each and one of us holds. Thus to try to get one truth or one version of the history of humanity is impossible. Each and one of us read the events in different ways.

In this post I leave the 3rd galactic realms and enter the 4th dimensional levels of my timelines in order to understand and transform my heart system on the next levels. I have more or less worked my way through the levels of the morphogenetic field as in the network of lives within the hologram and is now facing the galactic level as well as the original levels of the Created Worlds. I cannot awaken the triangles properly in my head before having transformed the next level in me, and thus the thymus chakra with all its timelines and principle of life in various forms of reversed and non-reversed entities.

For now the 4th dimensional layer in me is a mix of archetypical knowledge, as in dreamlike visions, Galactic World knowledge and remnants of what I remember from the Created and True Worlds. All of this is mixed with what my devic helpers have told me along with the stories I have heard from the devas in my clients - before they left the body of my clients – and all in all very much conditioned by the timelines I am activating and the information imprinted there. The imprints in the timelines – streams of consciousness connected to each of my manifestations in the Created Worlds, as well as the Galactic Worlds – are memories recorded by the type of being I was on that timeline, i.e. stellar, lunar or solar or galactic, and how I viewed the higher worlds – the less dense properties of my being.

The True Worlds
I would say that the highest level in us (the angelic level or the Devic level) is the True Worlds. Those worlds are feminine, because this round of evolution, we are a part of, is feminine and thus the living eternal consciousness expresses itself as feminine in this overall system of all there is.

God Source (to use this expression - not really my favorite) at this present time of all there is, is a threefold feminine version of the living consciousness as in progressive, inclusive, integrative and inner, also termed magnetic in some teachings, with the purpose of transforming the living consciousness into higher versions of the denser consciousness type of the previous evolutionary rounds. The gender attributes are not as in sexes, but as in how the living consciousness (the source of all there is) unfolds itself and the purpose of it all in this evolutionary round.

In the previous evolutionary round the eternal living consciousness was mainly masculine – streaming out - and developed what we call human monads, whereas in this round of the living consciousness the angelic or devic monads are the main type of individual consciousness to be developed. The human monads are primarily dense in structure, whereas the devic monads are primarily lighter in structure. When I say monads I simply use the very old theosophical term, but the same term has been used in the KS material as well, and fits the profile, except that I see the True World population as real living entities, resembling our human form, that was developed in the previous rounds of evolution, albeit in a total different type of material. Nothing is gross or permanent in the True Worlds, as my old friend Serapheyia told me many years ago (this book is not translated into English).

Many of the dark brotherhoods, the prime agents behind the 3rd dimensions (and the artificial 5th) of the Galactic Worlds and their gross evolutions, are actually monads having revived the type of consciousness that were developed in the previous system; i.e. the threefold masculine, radiating and expressive consciousness; primarily technical and highly scientific. The main source of their consciousness is masculine, as in a masculine type of eternal being or god, and every time we encounter a teaching holding this version of the living consciousness, we can for sure acknowledge that some version of the reversed brotherhoods, wishing to continue the masculine type of the living consciousness, areat play. Earth is strongly infused with teachings steering us in the wrong direction. The symbol of the previous type of living twofold consciousness, expressed in the previous twofold Created Worlds; at that time being feminine in structure to counterbalance the masculine living consciousness of then True Worlds, i.e. holding the first level of the living consciousnss – was the Swastika.

Therefore the human monads of the previous twofold system, being integrated into the present threefold Created Worlds and now digressed into the Galactic Worlds, hold the symbol of the pentagram, as in symbolizing the masculine twofold concept of the previous eternal consciousness (the father and the son) and the threefold manasic consciousness, which is masculine in this evolution and thus hidden within the concept of the masculine Holy Spirit. I know many perceive the pentagram as a female symbol, but it is not. It is a symbol of magick, and thus the old knowledge misused in this evolutionary rounds by all reversed monads.

There were angelic or devic masculine monads in the previous system, so all male angels are per se from the previous system, refusing to evolve according to plan; thus the fallen angels. They did not rebel against God, as in the Jewish esoteric version of the monothetic story, but when awoken in the True Worlds, they denied turning their expressive and radiating aspect of the previous system into the feminine type of integrative living consciousness, our god in this evolutionary system.

Being a human monad is not a bad thing, but the ones clinging on to the old teachings of the previous system, its technology and science and thus refusing to follow the feminine line of evolution, are naturally reversing the order and this is what starts the true infection in the manasic consciousness. So the healing of the infected parts is simple: start following the main idea behind this feminine evolution and the purpose of the living consciousness in this evolutionary round.

The human monads from the previous system have been integrated into the True Worlds as well, creating the angelic humans and they are a minority compared to the angelic or devic monads in this evolutionary rounds. The angelic/devic human monads in the Created Worlds hold the double systems, as in the swastika and the hexagram, within their fields and the main purpose for those beings is to evolve the old knowledge into the new levels of consciousness and use it here to evolve the living consciousness further.

The symbol of the threefold feminine living consciousness in the counterbalancing threefold Created Worlds of manasic consciousness is therefore the hexagram. This symbolize the threefold stellar, lunar and solar living consciousness of the True Worlds in balance with the created masculine manasic geometric, vibrational sound and light language consciousness of those worlds.

The hexagram is not the MerkaBah. This is actually a term from the esoteric teachings of the Jewish religion. The hexagram is the symbol of the balanced and true energy in us, the manasic soul and the feminine devic level of our being. It should be placed above our heads and not below (optimal; when the triangles function in the field of consciousness we are creating out of the heart system and the triangles in the head, the two triangles resembles the outer masculine manasic and inner feminine living consciousness in us; the two aspects of all there is in this evolution of eternal consciousness).

This level does not awaken before we have created the triangles in the head and body, transforming the CNS and the cerebrospinal fluid into living consciousness, as well as the heart system and thus the PNS, being able to unfold the CUs in us and reform the whole trilateral consciousness system of living consciousness, manasic consciousness and morphogenetic consciousness with its racial DNA into one whole vibrating system of living consciousness, which is really not an option at this point.

How the triangles are connected is individual, cf. type of monad and timelines, as well as the origin of the soul as a solar, lunar or stellar being, but an inspiration can be fetched on this website on Esoteric Healing. A system connected to the Neo-Theosophical teachings and thus the priestly races. But since they are the main inventors of the ordinary sevenfold chakra system – before the galactic 3rd dimensional 12 leveled version arose – the mechanics are valid enough if you use your discernment and work with the energies as in what works and what does not work for you.

a) Recapturing the psychological, as in the energies from the astral field into the chakras, expression in the normal human being: Basics and Centers.
b) Working with the esoteric triangles – you can combine this with the triangles of the Panergeia Series – and evolve your own system: Triangles.
The material can be downloaded into print here…..

Since I am suggesting this material to you, you are not to become students of the great White Brotherhood – the Masters – but simply take what you are able to align to and leave the rest. All teachings on Earth are manipulated to make their students evolve into certain directions and the result those teachers wish to promote into the earthly system of collective consciousness for various purposes.

To sum up
Hence the soul level is the next level in our consciousness system. This level stems from the Created Worlds of manasic consciousness of living geometry, sound and light. Thus the soul is not a structure that resembles our human energy system, but is an orb of geometrical symbols, vibrational sound and living light (light language).

For me galactic history and timelines are belonging to the primarily human evolution. So if we consider the division of True Worlds, i.e. Tara, Gaia and Aramatena, those levels are the first worlds of this overall evolutionary round of the eternal living consciousness. Those levels correspond to the devic feminine realms of the Neo-Theosophical teachings promoted by the Masters back in the early 19th century and during the 1. and 2. World Wars. The devic realms are the same as the angelic realms of the Keylontic Science (KS). It is from the devic or True Worlds that our highest levels stems, being projected into a Created World being, a soul, for some as matrices and for others as individuated souls.

But when we work with the Keylontic Science, I would claim that this is the human monad version or galactic version based upon the highly technological and scientific knowledge of the previous rounds, and therefore reversed, albeit they claim an even more reversed sort of technology present here on Earth. 

This might be correct too, but I claim that we can climb even higher in our search for the truth and the teachings that will get us out of the Galactic Worlds and back into the Created Worlds as souls – perhaps not in this lifetime, but if we do our best to develop a field of transformed consciousness, being able to connect to timelines and our own memories, we are well on our way back into the feminine True Worlds of eternal consciousness – the true angelic or devic level of consciousness in us and thus hopefully as I progress further, I will be able to describe this level to.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stone Age Structures or 4th dimensional buildings?

Just remembered a saying I got the other day: The megaliths and other very old stone structures are the remains of 4th dimensional energy buildings, created out of geometry, sound and light. Thus the stones appeared AFTER the 3rd dimension arose out of the 4th dimension of galactic Terra.

All higher dimensional energy turns into crystallized calcified grid structures at some point when the higher dimensional energies leave the basic structures and the calcification sets in.

Thus the old megalithic structures – incl. Stonehenge – are not built by Stone Age people or advanced cultures in the original 3rd dimension of Terra, before the hologram was created some 12500 years ago, but the remaining light structures of the 4th dimensional races of Terra, being turned into calcified structures when the dimensions reversed further and btw. we are only able to live here because of the hologram.

Galactic Terra is only functioning on the 1st and 2nd original dimensions and is as such in a process of total calcification on our level of reality. Naturally the many hosts and inserted fields of higher energies – as well as connected star portals to parallel digressed universes - are holding the last calcification back and give us the time to upgrade our energy systems and get out in the different stages as I have talked about, but as the digressed races leave, the connected energy infusions from the connected digressed universes leave as well and the remaining energies are what the free worlds, the future and other galactic communities are able to merge into the hologram and the level of higher consciousness we, as different dimensional races, are able to fuse into the grid by upgrading our energy systems.

Of course the transhuman and the Kryst communities have their hosts in place as well.

E.g. Stonehenge was not a circle built for worshipping the solstice etc. but was originally a light dome holding some very thick pillars of plasma crystal light. It was originally a council for various 4th dimensional races of Terra, and held different samples of the original pillars of the old crystalline plasma domes of the created worlds. The 4th dimensional races originally came here from what we now understand and see as Mars, but as this dimension lost its higher potentials and energies, the 3rd galactic level was the next to inhabit and the remaining structures of the old 4th dimension remained as stone features here and on Mars.

Thus they are much older than the Stone Age and dates back to before the hologram was inserted into the 3rd dimension of Terra. Only faint grid lines – fine lines of light – is what is left of the higher dimensional energies of the 4th dimension and ancient cultures of the hologram have always tapped into those trying to get some of the old knowledge of the 4th dimension out and back into the hologram.

Alignments near Kermario, France, photo 1995, G. Luxenberg, Drexel University.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The division of the timelines into a high frequency and low frequency timeline started on the 12th of September 2013, and things are starting to play out as I have described in this blog and will end in 2047.

All posts before this date were seen from a multiple timeline perspective holding the old teachings and versions of inner reality, but since a lot of humanity is still working their way out of the lower timeline and into the higher frequency timeline all the information here is important and should be read more than once.

Please read and re-read my free articles and books. They contain all the information you need to work your way up to the heart chakra, lift the energy into this area, re-open the heart system and the true function of the PNS and how to discern and work with energy in a constructive way to guide you out of here and into the higher frequency timeline.

Please remember my work has been a dynamic process where I explored and understood more as I evolved myself into higher levels of consciousness, thus some contradictions may appear. If there is such a contradiction, the last post holding the information is the correct one.

My material is created to make you ask questions – not to give you all the answers. Things are complicated in the levels holding the original consciousness and there is not one answer to any question - there are multiple answers all according to what timeline you are reading the information from. On one timeline, according to that energy field, the information is like this and on another timeline the same question will get another answer. This is why I encourage you to seek your own answers instead of relying on “teachers” and “gurus”.

The path you are to follow is created out of your timelines connected to your heart system – not the timelines of others, because what you really need to know is how to work with your incarnational geometry to release you from the hologram and re-gather your CUs or original orb of consciousness that was put into the hologram in the first place and is now fragmented into various timelines. This is your quest: To re-gather your true consciousness.

You also need to learn to discern energy to become better in making the correct choices in dealing with energy, implants and other obstacles and you need to learn to trust your own insights because all information you need is hidden within your CUs in your morphogenetic field and on the other timelines connected hereto, where parts of the real you are inserted into other morphogenetic fields. All true energy work has to have those goals. Not to accomplish powers or clairvoyant insight, but to grow in consciousness to get you connected to whom you really are.

When you ask a question - you should be the one to get the answer from within, relating to that timeline you are connecting to and thus integrating the information, i.e. the energy – and it will make you grow in consciousness.

When you base your development on the answers of others, you are not integrating the energy yourself, only filling your lower mind with information you really cannot use.

When you work with timelines, you connect to their inbuilt streams of consciousness, and when you ask questions relating to this – in meditation where you have the best opportunity to connect – you start to integrate the creational science into your system. You cannot build your original energy system without doing all the work yourself.

You are the one to build the path, to work your way out and into the higher timelines. You are the one to gather the consciousness from within and not in form of outer symbols, ideas or “the view of the guru”.

Only up to the heart system are we all on the same path. After you have allocated the energy from the lower chakras and into the heart, collecting momentum to thrust open the incarnational layers and the path to the original consciousness in you, you will be on your own individual path and the information you get from here is strictly yours and yours alone. Thus there is no common teaching to be shared after this level – and no need to follow a teaching, since you have become your own guru and teacher.

I have been asked to withhold the project of the last two articles, i.e. the ones following the higher path into transmuting the human consciousness into its galactic equivalent consciousness. I started the process, but as I have been told, the higher frequency timeline is still too entangled into the lower frequency timeline and I am not to put this information into words before after 2015.

As you might remember the digressive are the ones to be led into the lower timeline, this is what I have described as the digressive leaving in several rounds: in 2017 the first levels will leave, 2022 the next, in 2033 and the last digressive to leave will be in 2047. In 2055 the higher frequency timeline will divide into new streams of consciousness, carrying the priestly races to their universes, we will be connected to our galactic free worlds, and the transhuman will be integrated into their communities.

The stages of leaving is in reality the years where the timelines divide further, following the pull of the stellar activation cycle, sorting the digressive and reversed energy out of the original consciousness; i.e. the non-reversed galactic or created consciousness.

To be able to build this hologram, the original energy from Terra – the creational science energy used to build things out of the geometrical and sound layers – had to be reversed and altered into something unnatural. So essentially speaking our consciousness is reversed to be able to utilize the racial DNA and the original CUs are holding a whole other ratio of dynamics. The outer triangle in the head is utilizing the reversed racial DNA and the non-reversed triangle hidden in the galactic layers of our consciousness is the one we have to re-connect to, to start the undoing of the reversed energy system all in all and thus alter the CNS. In the old days called biological ascension.

The last set of articles, on the 5D-6D of the original Terra and the morphogenetic fields and how to reverse the racial DNA into CUs – dividing them from each other by using the technology of spin – I cannot give you yet. The hologram cannot sustain us and we would suffer unnecessary since we cannot withdraw from society and isolate us in the desert as the old seekers did. Whether or not the biological transmutation is possible I strongly doubt, but I have no doubts that we are able to reverse the calcification of our cellular structure and build in more dynamic and living light making us capable of leaving very quickly and consciously when we die.

As for now – we have three years to learn to work with the hologram, cf. the energies of the SAC being present in the 3rd dimension and after 2017 we all have to focus on the 4th dimensional energies. The pull out of the SAC follows the races and their timelines, as in when they entered the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension. The years 2017, 2022, 2033 and 2047 are thus important in our work on those levels.

Focus on all you have on the 3rd dimension – cf. the article on the bio-vessel – learn to handle the energies in your home, your body and the place you live.  

Understand what dimension your country is connected to – I have given hints to this in the articles – and you will know what timetable you are on.

The ones carrying the 3rd dimensional timeline and the reversed racial DNA from here have to pace themselves: You only have until 2017 to reverse this level in you.

The ones carrying the 4th dimensional timeline and the reversed racial DNA from here have to pace themselves: You only have until 2022 to reverse this level in you, but you also have to reverse the 3rd dimensional layers, i.e. control those as well before 2017.

The ones carrying the 5th dimensional timeline and the reversed racial DNA from here have to pace themselves: You only have until 2033 to reverse this level in you, but you also have to reverse the 3rd and 4th dimensional layers, i.e. control those as well before 2017 and clear out the incarnational geometry before 2022.

Hence we work in different tempi and hold different levels of what needs to be cleansed. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update - A Tale to Be Told

Have you seen the news lately?

The war in Syria did not happen as planned, but instead the tension and the building up of energy - that should have been released in the war – is sneaking out all over the place in the taking of hostages, gun shooting and violence creating a wide spread range of fear in different places on an individual level. The war in Syria should have played itself out on a collective level.

In the end the death toll will end up hitting the sum that should have been killed in the war. The energy of the old timelines has to play itself out in some form. Perhaps we alter one event, but the thing that should have played out, just rises into other similar events of violence etc. The masters of the old timelines are working hard these days to stay in control and superiority over their quantum of chaos, so to speak, the chaos that will lead to the free will choice of their future agenda of “peace” and “prosperity” in the Multiverse of technology, artificial intelligence, transhumanism and no-illness agenda (watch how the old diseases are fading out, as in the “new sciences” finding cures or the new generation of humanity are inventing solutions very easily, cf. TEDx promotion of wonder kids) due to artificial DNA modified implants, GMO crops, altered foods and stem cell technology, medicine and similar things. Albeit we might think that those events are random, they are a part of the old timeline agenda.

For me the changes of timelines have happened – in one week the shift happened - and the battle to stay on the new is also at play in my private reality. I kind of have hit the same level I was on in 2009, when I gave up due to the hardship the emotional incarnational level holds and the timelines connected hereto, as well as having been placed under renewed strong negative supervision of the dark brotherhoods: The “guardians” or prison keepers, albeit this time I know what I am up against and it is fading out – for now – until the next level is activated in me. The incarnational geometry on the emotional and mental levels is a journey into different types of resistance, both in and around me, because when this work is done, I am free to follow my own choices.

The solutions are the fool´s journey, or the shamanistic clowning, taking things lightly and laugh at it as in being joyous in hardship and strong inner emotional hitting. I can do this because I am in control the emotional field on the ego-level and I do not give in to the illusions of pain, even though they manifest as physical and emotional waves of energy. Yesterday I had an encounter which could have crushed me – based on an old rooted theme I have not found a solution to – and the answer came yesterday at a party and I was shocked. But then I decided that I am in control over this body and what happens in it, and not even this should kick me of my balance. You see, I have found a method to change the celluar imprints by remembering the good things which fit the galactic levels, activate the emotional field, on the ego related level in the chakra system, into this vibration and then feel it in my whole body and mind, re-imprinting my cells into this type of reality instead of the old pain and experiences that also was imprinted in this way.

The last fortnight has been full of events on an emotional level that would have devastated me the last time around. And the headcount has been initiated for us holding the 4th dimensional grid of Mars.

Blessed be those, who have stayed in oblivion because they do not understand a thing and do not sense the fierce internal battle that is actually going on to hold the quantum of the old to make it happen, in spite of our fusion of the new timelines. The balance is fragile.

Let me share the timeline as I see it, and as it should have played out. A little story if you like. It is actually still playing out, but since the US and Russia skipped a step, in agreeing on disarming Syria of chemical weapon – this should have happened in a later stage – the events that lead to this has been pushed into a sidetrack, where the energy is being played out as blurry and unspecified violence, cf. the bleed through on other levels of our reality field being able to connect to the energies. And the theme for the powers that be is now to utilize this energy into their new agenda or solution to the new timelines.

The steps should have been: Bombing of Syria, quite a lot of casualties, as in death of women and children – the carriers of the ancestral lineages – retaliation from Assad as a response to the bombing, how and what is unclear to me, but the bombing of Damascus should have been the end of it by new types of aerial weaponry which the US has been manufacturing using thermite bombs, the next generation of the prototype being evolved under 9/11 as well as supersonic frequency weapons – those would have been invisible to us, but the alteration of the grid in Syria would have the result, changing the frequency settings of the old portals connected hereto, especially in Damascus.

Note: The old portals would then have been connected to a stellar system being in alliance with the 5th dimensional avatar-reptilian leaders. For some very blurry reason to me this was abandoned in the last second, leading to the “peace solution” between Putin and Obama. This stellar system of progressing transhuman galactic communities apparently did not find the situation, the energetic lack of progress as the transhuman agenda actually is struggling to achieve, appealing and therefore wanted to repeal all previous agreements to link their system to Earth through this portal. It should have led to an increase in transhuman-crystalline “souls” to be inserted into the old 4th dimensional layers. So my guess is that we will see changes in the Martian missions as well. The main thing is that some of the alliances that the avatar-reptilian races counted on have withdrawn and for the time being, they have to find new alliances, which could change many things for us.

Assad either escapes or flees to another country, to be caught later on, and the “democratic” stationing of US soldiers as we have seen this other places in the Middle East, securing the new energy being inserted through different types of, to us, hidden frequency changes. In the end Russia and the US would agree on disarming Syria – a total show of for the crowds – and “peace” would have been restored.

This is my version of reality.

But since this did not happen, the new types of weapons have not been inserted – this would have changed the scientific community and the weapon industry – they have to be implemented in another occasion. My guess is in connection with a meteor or similar non-invasive forces stemming from human actions, and instead projected into the sky as the new threat for humanity. The disarming of all nations is in procession and the old generations of weapons are changing into termite and frequency weaponry, only possessed by the 3rd original races present on Earth; i.e. the forces behind the collaborated transhumanism and New World Order.

In spite of the small riots in minor groups around “the third world countries”, those are not portrayed as the same threat of terror as before, and “world peace” sneaks in as the solution. The overall population sees this as the areas of primitive humanities and from here the dice are thrown to the separation of the Outerverse and the Multiverse, where "the civilized humanities" thrive in their type of political and social systems. This will happen in very small steps and the changes of our world happen in insignificant steps.

The changes are only seen in altered opinions toward the climate changes (this is more or less in control and weather modification in small portions will be accepted after a demonstration of how extreme dry areas can be altered into productive regions where crops can grow; i.e. the GMO version though), the changes in economy (new methods of exchange of money and goods are ready to be kicked in; we will see this in the rise of new types of multi cooperation’s with highly scientific types of technologies, new markets are on their way to support this).

All in all the war in Syria was the starting point of a whole range of events, that now has to be transformed into other similar, but adjusted, events. The main thing is the creation of fear. Fear always makes people choose unwisely and seek the solution that takes the fear away. Therefore fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of diseases and fear of lack of commodities are the tools in the changing of our world. And the use of the emotional field, as well as the mental field, is going to be the main battle field for us trying to leave the hologram. Within a short period of time new teachings are due to be inserted to divert us from the original ways of letting go of the incarnational geometry. Since I have been able to get to this level, I am sure others have too and thus this has to be pushed back.

The old ways of religious fears or fear of wars are fading out. For now the pressure will lie on the individual range of fears instead of the collective and the solutions will be placed on to individuals as well. Each citizen of the Multiverse will choose to be there themselves, as in the first run through they caved in collectively. So the battle on quantum has now moved itself from the collective to the individuals, igniting all our personal fears in the emotional and mental fields. I feel this is going to be a bumpy ride for all of us. All in all I actually would have preferred the Syrian war, because things are now out in the open and thus highly unpredictable.

If you are still situated in the personal level of the chakra system, working with the ego, you will probably not feel much of this, but if you have reached the incarnational level, as in connecting to your other lives where your orb of consciousness is imbedded, as spirits or actually human bodies, then do not take the bait of fear. Be a clown and be in control over what you react to. Enjoy the bumpy ride – the prison keepers really do not hold any powers over us at this stage of our development unless we let them.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spirit Detachment, Funeral Songs and Wild Lone Heart

As I work my way into the emotional field to understand what this really is, I am faced with my incarnational memories. Yesterday I touched the incarnation of Ra´el and the Native American shaman – Wild Lone Heart as her name actually is. In the end of this post, I have put her whole story.

Why do I bring this up today? Well, I started the first two hours this morning being clumsy and feeling kind of sad and moody, and then I knew something was not right. I sat down in the couch and started to meditate. I do not meditate in a traditional way; I check my chakras and from them I create symbols in the air with my fingers, as writing in light language (the language of creational science) following the streams of energy from each chakra in question and into my energy fields. At the same time I speak my original galactic language and sometimes I sing. I follow the energy lines to where they take me and the connection through symbols (geometry), light language (creational science) and my true language (sound) activates the incarnational geometry. The incarnational geometry works in our lower fields; like strings of energy containing light language and symbols.

I started revisiting Ra´el. The name literally means powers of Ra. I connected to her and asked if she needed something from me and she handed over the energy from the triangle of her forehead. While I connected and received the dark-blue flame from her, I remembered an incarnation on another planet, where I had the same reversed triangle drawn on my forehead and I accepted the flame. After this she kind of left my energy field. I had to visit Wild Lone Heart.

I reached out to her, and she appeared and I connected to her through my heart chakra. She is the main reason why my heart chakra has been unbalanced for years, and it was first when I started to work with the sorrow from this incarnation in me, that my heart opened back some years ago. Today I realized I had more work to do. I went back in by simply placing my mind into the memories through the energy of my heart chakra, and the energy lines it had created in my energy field. Immediately I started to cry. This incarnation really has its toll on me. Not the torture or the crowd, but the loss of Yago.

After doing some energy work – symbols and language – I started to sing and while I was doing this I connected to the scene where Yago was killed. This scene is just as heartbreaking as the first time I witnessed it, and my heart broke once more in deep pain and horror. The pain is so deep that it always surprises me. This civilized life I live in Denmark holds no similar experiences. I have seen many bad things, but the loss of what we more or less could call a soul mate, is strong and very powerful. You see Wild Lone Heart had memories of other places too, so her love was different and deeper. And Yago was her mate, in many lives.

As I sat there crying and singing, I realized I was singing a funeral song. An old shamanistic song to bring Yago across from this life and into the realms he really belonged to and at the same time it dawned to me, that this was not a memory: I was actually still present on that timeline in the hologram as a spirit and had only left my body, but my spirit, the spirit of Wild Lone Heart, had stayed behind. The same goes for Ra´el. This is why they can contact me as spirits, because they are spirits; not returning humans or visitors from other places.

You see, when we have unfinished business, we stay behind to finish this and when fragments of our orb of consciousness is put into a new body, the attachment to the staying behind spirit is still very active in our energy field and this is how our consciousness becomes a net of souls. Now there is no such thing as past lives, because the hologram is actually playing itself out in the “now” or simultaneously, but since the events are taking place in other timelines, i.e. on other scalar fields of the hologram, they feel like past or future lives. We can survey the hologram on all of its scalar fields – that is the waves of energy in the hologram – when we reconnect to the incarnational geometry in the emotional field on higher frequencies and we need to do so, so clear out the connection to other timelines. The aha-experience for me was not that I was connected to past lives as memories, but the fact that I was connected as a still present spirit. A ghost in another timeline.

In my work as a healer I experience many spirits and much of what I know stems from those encounters and the work with them, both spirits attached to clients but also spirits and devas in houses. The difference is that the spirits I come in contact with are always highly evolved beings or hold high levels of knowledge (or they belong to the dark brotherhoods as the opposite side of the scale, having their evil claws in my clients). They all seem to know how to stay behind and many of them have serious work they need to do before leaving. Therefore it is not Jones from the corner, or Bob from the diner, I see, giving “I love you mom” stories to me, but spirits that have stayed behind to do energy work and it is in this co-operation I learn a lot of the old ways. Bob and Jones do really not see me. I see the “ordinary people” as they often stand on top of their graves, being very confused, but they do not connect to me. Well, I have had some – for instance my neighbor who passed away and after a while, he died in an accident, he came to my home asking me to help him. He had always done this while he lived, an old addict, so it was natural to turn to me in his search for what to do. I can tell you that dark beings do not go into the same type of energy fields, where they can departure, as we do. Not that all addicts are dark beings, just to make that clear, but some are.

Spirits are humans without a body, so the work is therapeutic and full of conversations, handing over of energy and work with clearing their energy system or helping them in their work – just like with my clients in human form. The only difference is that the spirits often use my energy system to manifest themselves and this is always an extreme experience.

The last spirit I was in contact with, last week actually, sent me to the floor hyperventilating and outplaying the whole spectrum of feelings. She was the remaining adult spirit of a child that died two weeks after birth, and she was still connected to her physical mother through the energetic navel cord – apparently there is a physical cord and an energetic, and no it is not the silver cord – and she wanted to help her mother to make the transition into the new time lines. This was naturally not a good idea since the mother is not spiritual oriented and thus cannot do the transition for now and the spirit in spite of her good intentions, where making a mess in the energy system of the mother. The mother had many signs of unbalance which was truly destroying her body.

I asked the mother to decide whether or not she wanted the spirit of her child to stay and she said no. Then the spirit entered my energy field, and as said before, I ended on the floor with big dark pupils (this always happens when they connect to me – many gets really scared because here we are in a lit room, or on a sunny day and I have big pupils as if I were in a dark room – no not “devil eyes”, but dilated pupils and I always get elevated in energy which make me act differently) and hyperventilating whilst I said a lot of very strange noises. My way of working with spirits is like the old shamanistic ways, not the modern nice connection that is all mental. My body is getting stronger and thus what I experience gets more physical. The spirits tend to get stronger as well. So I work with spirits the old shamanistic way, connecting to them and after this, I clear them out and send them home.

Back to the energy work of today. There are many spirits attached to us and some of them are our own stayed behind spirits on other timelines – they are not all something from the outside and other human souls. I did the funeral song for Yago – very hard to sing and sob at the same time and therefore it took its time making pauses to cry – but the deep sorrow left my heart and Wild Lone Heart slowly calmed down, because now she had done the final piece of work to bring Yago to rest and at the same time disconnected him from his attackers.

As they killed his body, they transferred a lot of anger and dark energy into his body, and the funeral song – the song to be delivered as well as the energy work in the transition of death – needed to be sung by simply placing myself at the time where they killed him. I connected to the spirit of Wild Lone Heart and became one with her spirit. And it was this being there, helping Yago to leave the body safely and at the same time work with the heart energy to transform the connecting “karma” of the attackers, that was so hard for me. The natural feelings would be to be angry and hate them, but in such work those feelings are simply not present. When we release a spirit of a human in form, we are a minority remembering this, we have to undo all energetic connections between the dying and the one performing the act that leads to death.

All killers are doing the bidding of darkness to keep the awakening souls in check. The CUs are always ready to wake up, and if this happens in one life – as in the case of me and Yago – then this is the outcome, because such violent deaths distort the CUs back into oblivion and create spirits wandering in pain on certain timelines, i.e. functioning as a sort of energy anchor to prevent us from healing up and leaving. Why did I – as Wild Lone Heart - want to go back to the same city? Stupidity and hope that things had changed, which they had clearly not, and thus the strong inner sadness. I should have known better and I still have to work with this understanding in this life, but I am getting a bit closer to becoming what I truly am.

After having done the releasing of Yagos soul, she was ready to be reintegrated into me, because what had made her stay behind, or fragment from the orb, was this job that she needed to do; she could not undo what had happened, but she could make sure that Yago got home. She entered through my heart chakra and we are now once more one.

I did the same with Ra´el. No need to be eccentric about it. She is me as well and belongs to the 6th chakra in me. I acknowledged her. Helped her get out of the toxic body and she rose into the air as a light body – the original one she came here with. And from this, she gave me a white bright orb of her knowledge and then; due to her galactic origin, she left me with this.

Therefore the human lives have to be reintegrated and the galactic fragments, the racial DNA or the mixed in CUs, have to be set free of their body, still being present in either the false 4th or 5th dimension.

The last comment is that I have worked with Ra´el when she appeared in 2005 and Wild Lone Heart that appeared at the same time. So the final work could be done today almost 8 years later. Yesterday after writing about them, I did some energy work on my chakras and commanded the rest to surface, as well as letting in the next level of energy from my template. So the work is something I initiate, I observe the hologram and what is happening in and around me and then I go in doing my energy work, which have evolved over time by doing it. I did not know how to do this in the beginning, but I just followed the intrinsic feeling and did whatever I needed to do and my way of working evolves all the time.

Either way; my energy work is always in cooperation with what is being presented to me from the depths of my energy system, good as well as bad. But in the end: all bad entities were once living light. If they are pure negative energy, they can be dissolved into space dust by our will alone. If they are based upon living light, then we have to set them free. They appear to be helped most of the time, no matter how scary they seem energetically and if we have confidence in the fact that we are true beings, then nothing can really harm us in the long run. We can be set back for a couple of days, while we clear out the negative energy that we have got into the system, but we will surface again. I have experienced many delays by experimenting with energy I knew were not good for me, and it has taken some time to regain the original structure, but in the end I learned a lot and gained confidence in myself and my ability to transform energy. Nobody gains strength by being scared, but by being scared and act in spite of the fear.

It is also clear to me that the incarnational memories lies within the emotional field and the energy connections arise from this field, sustains it and controls it. I see the incarnational geometry being spread out as a net of lives, living as well as in no human form, and when we remember those lives, or connect to them, we have to enter them and work with them as they surface. I have at least four more lives I have to work with as I remember.

The last thing to add is that the chakra system has to be dormant on the personal level, as in what relates to the immediate human contemporary life, but the incarnational geometry still operates through the chakra system from the emotional and mental fields, as past lives in the emotional field and as something else from the mental fields – I do not quite know this yet. This is the first layers to be acknowledged, but there is more to it; I still have to figure out the connection of the emotional field and the 4th Martian humanities, albeit I see clearly that each of our fields originate and are connected to different layers of galactic Terra as it fragmented into lower dimensions, thus the body belongs to the 3rd dimensional humanities, the emotional to the 4th and the mental to the 5th and the energy fields are a sort of reminiscence of this.

Wild Lone Heart
She knew it. With a beating heart she ran back through the forest. Why had not she listened to her inner voice, when she knew it was the wrong path they had chosen?

She had persuaded Yago, in a moment of weakness, and he had been persuaded, despite all inner warnings, but she could not bear always to be the one that made it difficult for them, which lead to loss of money. Money they needed and they were close to the settlement: Here they could sell some of his shoes. She loved him, yes - oh yes, she loved him as she did not love anyone or anything.

Wild Lone Heart was thinking of the night before, as they sat by the fire and enjoyed the sounds of the evening while the darkness had enveloped them in its protective mantle. He had looked lovingly at her, whilst his love flew freely from the heart, teased her with her stubbornness, and had done his best to ensure her that it was the right decision to go back to the town. She had changed her mind shortly after persuading him. She felt the bad omen of it in her bones.

They had been there before, and as a golden rule they did not visit the settlements and markets more than once. This was because of her. Not because of Yago who always had success selling his shoes which were good workmanship. Yago was a skilled cobbler, a craft he had brought with him from Asia. She had several times tried to make him tell about his home country; it was not a straightforward case that a man from Asia had moved to the New World, but as always he turned blank and distant in his eyes, closed in on himself and she knew that she would not get anything further out of him.

No, she was the problem. She and her hands. Now if only she could stick to the herbs and her songs, but as soon as a sick person came to her for help, she quickly forgot all internal warnings about keeping a low profile. The white man was really a strange creature. He wanted to be cured, but not miraculous. Yes, there were some settlements that took it well and appreciated her knowledge, mostly women, but the men were often intimidated by her power and way too often Yago and she had to flee like animals in the night.

The white man had some very fixed ideas about what could be done or not. Wild Lone Heart understood all to well this bigotry, because it adhered to the white man's faith, his God and the perception of the world that surrounded him. Wild Lone Heart knew the white man's God, because she was a half-breed Sioux. Her father had returned home with a white woman after a vision quest and had taken her as his third wife. Her mother was originally a Christian and she never forgot her roots completely. She had learned Wild Lone Heart about Jesus and her English language.

Wild Lone Heart remembered her mother with a stab in the heart. Oh, how she had betrayed her mother, her father and her tribe, but she had always loved and wanted to go her own way. In the age of four she had wandered alone into the woods and had returned home with a wolf pup, and during one of her vision quests, she had flown with the spotted eagle. Wolf-dog had since been her close companion.

The Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, used the eagle to communicate with people and it was therefore a strong and sacred power to get in a vision quest. It came as no surprise to her father. He knew from the day he came home with her mother that she would bear a child and that this child was destined for a path that included strong medicine. A way of life, just like the wolf had to find its own flock outside the tribe, she had to go her own way in the guidance of Wakan Tanka with the eagle as her totem.

Why had she lost her way from the path? Why did she run here knowing that Yago was in danger? Her beloved wolf-dog ran far ahead and sniffed her rising panic, causing it to run even faster. She could hear the noise of the settlement. Shouting and tumult. Fragments of " ... is she?" and "Answer!" Wild Lone Heart stopped for a brief second. Why did she suddenly get images of Great Two Horn? The man her father had promised her off to in marriage? Great Two Horn, the proud warrior and the tribe's greatest hunter. “A good man,” as her father had said when she erupted into an angry howl realizing that she had been promised away to marriage.

No one should promise her away and especially not to Great Two Horn. Perhaps he was a proud warrior and a great hunter, but she would not become his prey. She had seen how he watched her as if she was a wild animal. He wanted to own this beast of a woman, tame her and ride her like a Shunka Wakan, a sacred dog - a horse. Not for anything would she agree to let this turn out to be real, but her father had been so surprised that any man in the tribe, and even such a fine warrior and hunter, wanted her as his woman. So he had said yes. And a promise is a promise; Wild Lone Heart had to go with him.

Yago had arrived to their tribe late in the fall and had spent the winter with them. His character and appearance had attracted her from the beginning and the attraction was mutual. They were like two parts of the same piece; seeking souls with a strong will and a strength that went beyond what most contained.

Had Great Two Horn something to do with the tumult? No, it was inconceivable that he had sown the seed of hatred in others, but he had turned so angry when he found out that she had great interest in Yago. In his anger he had beaten the crap out of her and it had been the last straw. Under cover of the night she had hidden under the skins Yago had traded, and put into his carriage, and when he left the camp, she was a blind passenger. He did not discover her until a few hours after the start of the journey and since the love between them was strong, they quickly agreed that it was as it should be.

The Now called her back. Cautiously she approached the settlement. She could smell the men and hear them clearly. They wanted to know: "Where is she, the devil woman?" The flock of men stood around a bundle lying on the ground, a strange lifeless figure, as they continued to kick. "Answer". One of the men shook the bundle and turned it around, but Wild Lone Heart knew only too well who it was.

Several things happened suddenly at once. Some of the men had caught the sight of her and began to approach the place where she stood. Wolf-dog sprang forward to shield her from the men and the huge man, who had turned Yago, threw Wolf-dog contemptuously to the ground and Wild Lone Heart could hear Wolf-dog wail in pain. The huge man paid no attention to anything but his own hatred, and though his fellow attacker tried to get his attention directed at Wild Lone Heart, he was so absorbed in his project that it was all in vain. With a sharp, short and powerful kick, he drove his big boot down into Yagos throat.

A sharp crack, like the sound of wreckage that splintered against the barren rocks of hatred, was all she heard. A short now and everything had changed. A small moment in time, another person's hatred and suddenly Yagos life had ended, and with this deed, this sound and in this short now, Wild Lone Hearts heart and brain exploded in pain, sorrow and fear.

The howl of Wolf-dog got her instincts back and she woke up, but it was too late. Wolf-dog had attacked one of the men and in self-defense the man drew his pistol and had shot Wolf-dog. It was more than Wild Lone Heart could bear and the blanket of indifference and numbness descended upon her shoulders.

There was no reason to flee, no need to fight - everything was lost. Maybe she would win the battle, but the war was lost. Yago and wolf-dog was gone forever and without them there was nothing on this earth that bound her to it. Slowly she slid into the darkness.

The pain was unbearable. The noise and smells from the many people brought her back. Bruised, with her hands crushed, raped and undressed she was lying there on the tribune, scorned, put out to mockery and derision of the crowd. She knew it was only a matter of time before it all ended. Slowly she lifted her head and looked up at the hills behind the settlement; something had caught her dazed attention, made ​​her blurry vision sharp. Was it him? Yes, proud and with eyes shining with hatred Great Two Horn sat on his horse and followed the scenery with a thinly veiled delight. As if the white man's revenge was his revenge and his compensation for her failure and betrayal.

Her eyes were looking upward toward the sky as if she could find consolation there. The physical pain was so severe that she was almost detached from her body and her grief was so pervasive that it paralyzed her mind. The thoughts she might think were all blurry and in the last seconds of her life all she could think of was the sky and there, circling above her head flew the spotted eagle, as if Wakan Tanka was present and witnessed the scenery.

At any other time she would have seen this as a consolation, but in her frenzied pain, Wild Lone Heart could not stick to her power, her path, and the last thing she did in her short life, was to curse Wakan Tanka, the white man, Earth, Great Two horns and life itself.